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      Update packages. · 0f63a648
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      Add an option completePosition. · a214b925
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      There are pro and contra about computing the line/column position:
      it takes computation time (and computation of line/column by PEG.js
      could be optimised) and in this use case (links in law texts) it is
      unuseful given the line is always the same. On the contrary it is
      more standard and easier to use for humans to see the line/column and
      it becomes very very useful for derived grammars like DuraLex.
      This is an intermediary position: by default the generated parser does
      not compute lines/columns but this option can be set to enable the
      With this change, all the positions (line, column, offset) are always
      relative to the global text. Previously only the main position was in
      this case and subexpressions were indexed by offset 0. It would have
      been inconstent if lines/columns were relative to the global text and
      offsets were relative to 0 in subexpressions. This is probably more
      natural/expected for users.
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      Stabilise interfaces. · 4ba7bbfb
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      Interfaces are stabilising:
      * API: main function is getLinks, two other functions are utilitary functions,
      * bin: should be quite stable,
      * the file lib/advanced.js will probably be deleted,
      * the options of getLinks are more clear,
      * the indexes of the result are more standard (offset, with or without line and column).
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      Remove unuseful function getSemanticLinks. · a3ca1d64
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      This was just a wrapper to re-compute the semantic version when
      the parser was only syntactic (with pegjs-syntactic-actions).
      Now the syntactic parser is only a development feature and the semantic
      parser is the default.
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      Update dependencies. · 964a6a35
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      Version 0.0.7. · 702c9cc3
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      Missing PEG.js plugin 'partialMatch' in package,
      useful in dev to compile other grammars like DuraLex’s.
  13. 27 Apr, 2020 4 commits
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      Version 0.0.6 · 948dad5e
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      Version 0.0.5 was badly published, now it is correct.
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      Fix tests launch. · 2690b98f
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      Sync package-lock.json. · b479e8aa
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      Version 0.0.5 - Improved packaging, tests, and grammar. · 7565411e
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      A lot of tests have been added to cover most rules.
      The grammar have been improved with increased legibility
      and a better handling of the semantic results (implemented
      in the grammar actions).
      The packaging have been reworked to avoid the step
      reading the grammar with node’s fs.readFile(). Now
      the basic use (compiled parser + grammar + basic loop
      to find articles) are compiled and packaged; and the
      advanced use (generation of own grammar is accessible
      for developers (with devDependencies).
      Also a PEG.js plugin is provided to prevent the grammar
      from failing: in this use case a fail is simply a
      precandidate which is not a link and there is no need
      to have details about why it failed, and we always want
      a partial match (to match only the beginning of the input)
      although default PEG.js parsers capture entire strings.
      Such simplification decreased the size of the minified
      parser by 20 % (from 123 Kio to 96 Kio) and probably
      increased the speed. This was proposed as a feature to
      PEG.js in a lighter form.
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